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Limited Engagement is, largely, an arts & culture podcast. It has grown and evolved since beginning in May of 2015. There is a show uploaded every week, not just a live show every third Friday. We have a website now. We are a "we" now, not just "Jared, Director of Events & Programming at Four Chambers Press" putting on a show. We love the arts and we love pop culture. (I mean, you should see the walls of books, movies, CDs, and albums at LTD HQ.) We love these things and we want to share that love with you while celebrating the writers, musicians, and artists who make them. We hope that you discover something new while listening to each episode.

Limited Engagement: It's like the X-Files, only not.

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sample of flyer for a show

When I updated the site to be more responsive and streamlined, I drew out simple wireframes, styles, php parts, and each page name to make sure that I didn't forget anything.

limited engagement wireframing and website notes

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badge that displays on the prior engagements page

example of the badge that represents a show in the long list on the Prior Engagements page

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